Cloud Computing/IaaS

The modern business requires technologies and services that can be scaled in real-time in order to meet supply and demand of today's customers.

IT Project Management

Brilliant ideas abound in all of us.  Moving an idea from the cognitive realm to reality takes precision planning, team unity, and proper leadership in order to become a reality.

Internal Entrepreneurship

Every company needs entrepreneurship. Not a rogue employee or team, but a visionary. Not a marketing team, or an experience team, but an entrepreneur.  The company started this way, the company will evolve this way.

My Thoughts

Technology is evolving. Duh. The vampire technology departments are fading away and into the light.  Techies are becoming professional business leaders.  Technology is continually evolving, so are the technology professionals of the business world.

Like many business students, I was faced with the decision of choosing a career path.  I studied Marketing, Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, and even dabbled in Health Care Administration.  All of these career paths beg for more technology leadership.  Ultimately I became an Information Systems & Technology student.  The need for great technology leadership lead me to earn a Master's Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in I.T. Management.

My passion is using technology to elevate business. I believe that every department and every person is important in an organization.  When each individual understands leadership vision and utilizes technology in their sphere of influence, EVERY business can grow with the same speed as technology.  Does your business evolve at the same pace as your last cell phone, computer, or TV?  It should.